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PRITLOG is an extremely simple, small and powerful blog system. 
Just drop Pritlog into your server and it starts running. No separate installation is required. The basic idea is derived from a similar app called PPLOG.


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Download 'openssl' and learn to use it.

Contents of message.txt:
This is a very secret message.

[encrypt the message]
openssl enc -a  -aes-256-cbc -in message.txt -out encryptedMessage.txt


[decrypt the message]
openssl enc -a -d -aes-256-cbc -in encryptedMessage.txt -out message.txt

  • Use long complicated passwords
  • Never store your password on your computer
  • if you are extra paranoid copy the message to a memory stick and encrypt/decrypt on another computer not on the internet, ever.

OR....Use gnupg (gpg)

This is a very secret message

[encrypt the message]
# gpg -c message.txt

Œ Œ ®HNŽ®ì`ÒX1ðJ¸˜ÌQKHÅ;›‚üX‰V~’;ÖHT†ª4 :á7WSÚÌçð`‘á
ÉÄÕd¢“6ÄQ0:    5EGuç_Fzwšãuž³½ó^¼!{=M,#šÀ

[decrypt message.txt.gpg]
# gpg -o message.txt -d message.txt.gpg

The decrypted message will appear in the stdout unless you use the -o (output) option, as above.

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