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PRITLOG is an extremely simple, small and powerful blog system. 
Just drop Pritlog into your server and it starts running. No separate installation is required. The basic idea is derived from a similar app called PPLOG.


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Go to Services > VPN set-up page on DD-WRT router

enter address for the VPN server
enter port for the server
choose TUN for device
choose TCP for protocol
AES 256 for cipher
SHA 512 for algorithm
enable user password authorization
     enter username
     enter password
TLS cipher - none
LZO Comp - No
NAT enabled
Firewall enabled
    IP address - empty
    subnet mask - empty
tunnel mtu setting - 1500
Tunnel UDP Fragment - empty
Tunnel UDP MSS-Fix - enabled
nsCertType verification - unchecked

Author: admin -  Date: 06 Jan 2019 11:13
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