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To: Maine Trapshooting Association Members and Friends

Date: 4/20/2017

From: Bob Harris, MTA President

    It is my pleasure to announce that the Maine Trapshooting Association, through the recent efforts of Tom Hartranft and Eric Adams, is actively establishing the MTA Hall of Fame which will be exhibited at the Maine ATA Home Grounds in Scarborough.

    We will announce, in our 2017 State Championship program, the first three Inductees who will be inducted at our Inaugural Annual Hall of Fame Tournament to be held in May of 2018 at Scarborough.

Please refer to the HOF Standards and Guidelines

    Eric Adams will serve as the interim chair of the MTA HOF Selection Committee. Any person/s desiring to nominate any member for consideration for 2019 Induction should contact Eric and proceed per the process as defined in the Standards and Guidelines.

We are all pleased to be taking the necessary steps to preserve the great legacy of Trapshooting in Maine.

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